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Get ready for your 2023 graduations!

January 24, 2023

Partner with PCE to produce your 2023 graduations—big and small.

You know what every new year brings? New graduations! The sooner you can start planning your 2023 slate of grad ceremonies, the better.

Whether you want to hold your graduation indoors or do it outside, PCE can rise to the occasion. We can build stages to your exact needs/specifications, adding video walls, cameras/streaming, banners, lighting, mics, lecterns, and audio as needed.

Check out this short video showcasing some of our graduation production from 2022:

Remember! We do graduations of all sizes. Call 866-335-4723 to talk about your needs with one of our experts, or keep scrolling to see some more options.

Large Graduation Ceremonies

PCE can erect staging and truss structures both indoors and outdoors, then rig things up with video walls, video cameras, live streaming, lighting, audio, and anything else your ceremony calls for.

Mid-Size Graduation Ceremonies

More modest stages can still accommodate large groups of students and their families/friends. Talk with one of our experts about creative ways to convert your space into a great, photogenic graduation venue.

Small Graduation Ceremonies

Just need a simple stage, some stairs, and a mic or two? We can still help! Call us at 866-335-4723 to reserve your graduation equipment.

Additional Graduation Options

In addition to staging, PCE offers a ton of other graduation gear and services. Some of our options include:

• Video Walls
• Video Projectors
• Video Cameras
• Streaming Gear and Services
• Lighting
• Audio
• Mic Stands
• Lecterns
• Pipe and Drape
• Power
• Backline
• Rigging

If you want to plan your next graduation with one of our experts, call 866-335-4723. Make your next ceremony unforgettable.

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