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Professional backline rental and backline production for Southern California—and beyond.

Rent the best vintage and modern backline.

Looking for some incredible musical instruments? PCE Backline has it all, including vintage instruments, guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, grand pianos, DJ gear, amps, cabs, orchestral pieces, and more. We support artists of every kind, from A-List musicians to the underground avant garde. Whether you need a full-service backline partner for a major production or just need to quickly rent a few items, PCE Backline can meet your needs.

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Backline Rental

When you rent equipment from PCE Backline, you get clean, tested gear, all ready to rock. Our backline list consists of thousands of vintage and modern pieces. And, if your gig has additional audio needs (or even lighting, rigging, and staging requirements), PCE Backline can meet those as well. Get in touch with us today to make your next gig or session sublime.

Backline Sales

Backline Sales

In the market for a new drum kit or a few guitars? PCE Backline functions as an official reseller for numerous leading musical instrument brands. If you'd like to buy some new backline equipment, reach out to us. Chances are, we can offer a better deal than major online dealers or retail stores.

Ready to purchase some new backline gear? Call 714-464-2406 or hit the button below.


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