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Yeehaw! It's the OC Fair! (September 2023 Newsletter)

September 20, 2023

PCE does it all at the 2023 OC Fair!

PCE video walls at the Hangar Stage
PCE staging, lighting, audio, and backline at the Plaza Stage
PCE lighting and truss illuminating the way to the Heroes Hall

PCE once again played a major role in the month-long OC Fair, contributing staging, audio, lighting, rigging, and more at several key areas throughout the fairgrounds. All told, PCE supplied equipment and personnel for eight major stages/areas, from the modest Baja Bar Stage to bigger installations like the Meadows Stage and Hangar Stage. Over the course of multiple weeks, we supported countless entertainers, bands, and presentations.

We've worked with the OC Fair for several years now, but this time we got to do some new things, namely backline! At the Plaza and Meadows stages, PCE supplied DW drums, Fender amps, and Ampeg bass amps for a multitude of performers. Check out our OC Fair event video for a look at this backline, and for a quick tour of all the other stages where PCE pitched in. (Bonus! Keep your eyes peeled for our new Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast G2 cameras at the Hangar Stage!)

Remember! PCE doesn't just do one-off events. The OC Fair lasted for an entire month, and we love working extended runs like this one. Give us a call at 866-335-4723 to talk to an expert about your next project, big or small, short or long.

Antari T-1500 Fog Machine

The calendar only just flipped to September, but in this business, that means one thing... Halloween is coming! We anticipate high demand for fog machines this fall, so much so that we expect to rent out our ENTIRE inventory of fog machines over the course of the season. This includes hundreds of Antari T-1500 units, our flagship fog machine.

What makes the Antari T-1500 so special? Glad you asked! Join PCE Account Executive Jon Hyrkas for a full video demonstration of the unit. Watch now.

ETC ColorSource Spot VXT

With the ColorSource Spot VXT, the folks at ETC have designed an LED luminaire specifically for the outdoors. This IP65 fixture puts impressive brightness (and even more impressive color mixing) in a robust package that will weather the storm. With the electronics portion sealed, the ColorSource Spot VXT is water-tight where it matters most. If you want something reliable and resilient, look no further!

Ampeg SVT Combo

An unbeatable, classic combo, the Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Amp Head and Ampeg SVT 8x10 Bass Cabinet gives bassists a package that competes with the screaming guitars and thunderous drums that define rock music. Few other amps deliver the durability, flexibility, and textured sound of the SVT. This combo has appeared at a few recent PCE events, including the OC Fair and a private party at Lyon Air Museum.

PCE Team Spotlight: Jarret Badgwell

Earlier this year, PCE welcomed a new Warehouse Manager, Jarret Badgwell. Since joining the team, Jarret has worked wonders, transforming our warehouses with a brand new organizational scheme that has already paid some serious efficiency dividends.

Prior to PCE, Jarret oversaw numerous warehouses for Nationwide Video. And, before that, Jarret spent considerable time in the field as an audio engineer. This experience has given him a unique perspective into production gear, people, and everything else needed to facilitate a successful event.

When he's not prowling the PCE warehouses, Jarret enjoys the beach, surfing, hiking, travel, motorsports, racing, and spending time with his family. A year and a half ago, Jarret and his wife welcomed their first son, and Jarret couldn't be happier about being a new dad.

Welcome to PCE, Jarret!

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