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October 19, 2022

Point Source Speakers, Subwoofers, and Line Array Speakers

At PCE, we've got what it takes to satisfy your audio needs—all of them. Whether you need a quick rental, want to make a purchase, or need a full-scale audio event partner, we've got you covered.

Let's start with speakers! We carry the speakers, stands, and rigging to cover everything from a backyard barbecue to an enormous music festival featuring A-List musicians. Call us at 866-335-4723 to secure the gear you need.

See it in action! PCE recently provided audio to six different stages at the Kern County Fair:


From corporate events to concerts, theatrical productions, and everything in between, you'll find microphones for every occasion at PCE. Options include:

• Condenser Mics
• Drum Mic Kits
• Dynamic Mics
• Headset Mics
• Instrument Mics
• Lav Mics
• Podium Mics
• Shotgun Mics
• Studio Mics
• Vocal Mics
• Wireless Mics, Transmitters, and Kits

When it comes to rentals, you can pick up your gear from our Huntington Beach or San Diego offices, or have it delivered/shipped directly to the location where you need it. Call us at 866-335-4723 to learn more about your options.

Audio Consoles

Tie everything together with a professional audio console. We have digital consoles for every budget: everything from a Mackie 1202 to a Yamaha CL5.

Need help running the console? No sweat! We can provide professional audio engineers to make your event perfect.

Other Audio Gear

When we said you could use PCE as a one-stop shop for audio, we meant it. In addition to mics, speakers, and mixers, we also supply:

• Audio Cables
• Audio Racks
• Audio Recorders
• Clear-Com
• Headphones
• In-Ear Monitors
• Mic/Speaker Stands
• Two-Way Radios

It's all just a phone call away. Hit us up at 866-335-4723 when you're ready to blow the roof off.


In addition to speakers, mics, and other pro audio gear, PCE now boasts a complete backline department. If you need to rent vintage and/or modern instruments for a concert, tour, or recording session, you can do it at PCE. Our collection includes:

• Guitars
• Bass Guitars
• Drums
• Keyboards and Synths
• Pianos and Organs
• Amps and Cabs
• Orchestral Instruments
• DJ Gear

Call one of our experts at 866-335-4723 to get started.

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