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New PCE Sizzle Reel (February 2023 Newsletter)

February 7, 2023

Watch our new sizzle reel!

At PCE, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle every kind of event that comes our way. We've done it all—concerts, corporate events, premieres, galas, theatrical productions, fairs, tours, you name it. We also work with clients of any size, from simple gear rentals to massive music festivals.

If you'd like to get a better idea of everything we can accomplish, check out our brand new sizzle reel. In one short minute, you'll get a full picture of the breadth and scale of the work we do. Who knows? You might even walk away with some new ideas for your next project. Click here to watch the reel.

Looking for more? Our new reel compiles footage from hundreds of PCE events. If you'd like a more in-depth look at some of these, check out our website videos page. Here you'll find detailed breakdowns of some of our most exciting projects, and even a few interviews with happy PCE customers. We update this page regularly, so you can always come back to review the latest and greatest. Check it out!

Panasonic PT-RZ790U Laser Projector

Deepen immersion in any environment with the Panasonic PT-RZ790U Laser Projector. This 7000 Lumen powerhouse can put an image anywhere, making it perfect for museums, houses of worship, conferences, and countless other applications. With 4K input support and numerous control options, you'll find the PT-RZ790U an absolute joy to work with.

AV Franklin Fast Fold Screen Kits

Need somewhere to project your image? Our new AV Franklin Fast Fold Screen Kits turn any indoor space into a screening room. We've got 13'3" and 12' wide models.

Martin ERA 800 Professional

The Martin ERA 800 is an ultra-bright, compact, tour-ready moving head. This rugged fixture boasts a 34,000 lumen output, 1:8 zoom, electronic dimming and strobe, full CMY color mixing, variable color temperature control, and support for fixed and rotating gobo wheels. (Not sold? Check out Martin's video for even more details.)

Introducing the PCE Bass Guitar Lineup!

A couple months ago we took a look at the extensive PCE Backline guitars catalog. Now, we'd like to dive into a less heralded (but still incredibly important) product line: bass guitars! From reliable stalwarts like the Fender Precision and Jazz basses to more eclectic offerings from Hofner, you'll find some fantastic pieces at PCE Backline. (You can even go acoustic with our Kay M1B upright bass!) Hit the button below to browse the collection.

PCE Team Spotlight: Alex Magaro

Ever wonder how we make sure the right gear gets to the right place at the right time? Our dedicated Logistics Manager Alex Magaro makes it all happen! Alex reviews every order we get to make sure it includes everything the customer needs, then works with the warehouse team to fulfill that order and get all the equipment to and from the show/rental site.

Prior to PCE, Alex served as the Technical Director for Rockharbor Church, and as a Stage Manager and sound/lighting pro for numerous professional theaters. All told, his time in the theater world goes back all the way to childhood. Off the clock, Alex enjoys creative writing, all things science fiction/horror/fantasy, and spending time at the beach with his wife and two children.

While the designers and engineers who work our events are much more visible, it takes a whole team of talented behind-the-scenes players like Alex to power those events. Thanks for doing what you do, Alex!

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