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PCE takes over Rodeo Drive! (October 2022 Newsletter)

October 6, 2022

PCE transforms Rodeo Drive with lighting and audio for a corporate event.

PCE lighting technicians on the rooftops above Rodeo Drive.
PCE lighting and audio at street level.
PCE lighting and gobos.

The PCE team loves any opportunity to work in iconic venues and in landmark locations. In mid-September, we got to do just that when a corporate client hired us to transform world famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!

Thousands of shoppers and tourists pour into Rodeo Drive every day. With the street open for normal business activities until 6 PM, the PCE team had a very narrow window to install lighting and audio for a private party beginning at 7:30. We hung MAC Allure and GLP Impression moving lights from truss towers on the roofs above the streets, and used Chauvet Freedom Pars as uplights on the ground level to accentuate the architecture. QSC K-10.2 speakers and QSC KW181 subs pumped in audio to complete the party atmosphere.

Want to see more? Watch this short video depicting the event:

Chauvet COLORdash Accent 3

Looking for a lot of punch in a compact package? The palm-sized Chauvet COLORdash Accent 3 delivers RGBA light in a tight, 9 degree beam. Powered by a 20W RGBA LED, this light delivers saturated colors and brilliant pastels with a soft, even glow. An onboard OLED display and DMX options provide intuitive controls. With its tiny profile, this light makes a terrific truss warmer, uplight, or theatrical birdie.

Shure Microflex Complete Wireless

The Shure Microflex Complete Wireless system is the ultimate conferencing tool, empowering meeting participants to share ideas in any environment—no complicated setup process or cable limitations. This customizable, expandable wireless system brings Shure quality and reliability to the corporate world. Handsfree microphone activation allows for free-flowing conversations, while manual and remote control options give users the power to designate speakers.

DW Collector's Series Drum Kit - Black Oyster

PCE Backline has quite the drum collection, including multiple DW Collector's Series kits. These custom, American-made drum kits set the standard for quality industry-wide, and make a fine option for a concert, tour, or recording session. We've got kits in red sparkle, blue oyster, black oyster (pictured above), and tangerine dream, to name just a few options.

PCE Team Spotlight: Andrew Gingras

When you call PCE or walk through the front doors of our Huntington Beach headquarters, you'll most likely encounter our Customer Experience Specialist Andrew Gingras. Andrew comes to PCE from a lighting background and has a tremendous passion for lighting design. In addition to answering calls and manning the front desk, Andrew handles numerous sales tasks, from fulfilling rental and retail orders to managing online sales and taking care of all of our shipping.

When Andrew heads home, the hustle continues. He runs his own business that specializes in holiday lighting and porch/patio lighting. Off the clock, Andrew also enjoys painting, producing music, and traveling with his girlfriend to places as far-flung as Rome and New Zealand.

Next time you step inside PCE HQ, say "hi" to Andrew!

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