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Off-roading with Polaris Rzr (October 2023 Newsletter)

October 3, 2023

PCE builds Polaris Rzr booth at Sand Sports Super Show.

Polaris Rzr Booth
Absen PL3.9 LED Video Wall hanging inside the Polaris Rzr booth.
PCE lighting illuminates the Polaris Rzr booth at night.

The annual Sand Sports Super Show brings dune and dirt sports enthusiasts from all over the world to the OC Fairgrounds for an epic expo of everything new and shiny in the sand sports world. In recent years, PCE has developed an ongoing relationship with Polaris, one of the show's leading exhibiters. Every year, we build the elaborate, outdoor Polaris Rzr booth.

Our production for the 2023 Polaris Rzr booth consisted of a truss structure with lighting, audio, and a video wall (as well as a smaller, auxiliary truss structure in the corner of the booth).

Want to take a step inside? Watch the video below for a virtual walkthrough (complete with gear breakdown) of the Polaris Rzr booth.

Got a unique project idea of your own? PCE can help! Give us a call at 866-335-4723 to talk to an expert about your ideas.

SeeDevil 700W LED Balloon Light

The SeeDevil 700W LED Balloon Light excels at illuminating a large, open space, such as a parking lot, park, construction site, or other similar area, all while remaining inobtrusive to guests and passersby. This safe, stable, powerful light packs a big punch. If you need to light up a large outdoor space with a low profile light, you can't beat the value of the SeeDevil Balloon Light.

Join PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger for a tutorial on setting up and tearing down the SeeDevil 700W LED Balloon Light. Watch now.

Yamaha Rivage PM5

Designed for the most demanding live performances and events, the cutting-edge Yamaha Rivage PM5 console offers pristine audio quality, intuitive touchscreen control, and an extensive suite of advanced features. Demand for these consoles is currently sky-high, but if you're in the market, we can help facilitate the purchase/installation process.

The PCE San Diego team recently integrated a brand new Yamaha Rivage PM5 at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Watch the video to learn more about everything this beast offers.

Tama Starclassic Drum Kit

Reach your rhythmic potential with the Tama Starclassic drum kit, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and sound. Fashioned from top-tier materials and meticulously engineered, this kit delivers unparalleled resonance and versatility, allowing drummers to create lavish sonic landscapes. The PCE Backline catalog includes dozens of drum kits, but the Tama Starclassic is one of our favorites.

PCE Team Spotlight: Christian Canter

Senior Account Executive Christian Canter recently celebrated his ninth workiversary with PCE. Christian began his PCE journey working in the warehouse before moving into sales and ultimately becoming the cornerstone of our operations in San Diego. A tried and true gear expert, Christian has helped integrate advanced AV systems into countless facilities in Southern California and beyond. Christian has also taken the lead on some of our biggest San Diego production projects, including this year's Seaside Equestrian Tour.

Outside of PCE, Christian enjoys everything San Diego has to offer. He can often be found at a Padres game, woodworking, surfing, camping, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

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