Stage trailers are quickly taking over the live event world, and it's easy to see way. Pulled by semi or pickup trucks, these mobile stages unfold from a standard trailer into a full-blown stage—think of them as real-life Transformers! With robust, reliable engineering, these powerful stages can hold just as many lights, speakers, and video walls as their traditional counterparts, all at a better price point and with less setup time.

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The right stage trailer can accommodate any event: concerts, speeches, worship services, corporate events—you name it! PCE has built and outfitted stage trailers for numerous musicians and performers, including Lionel Richie, The Beach Boys, Flo Rida, and Earth, Wind & Fire. No matter the size of the event, PCE remains dedicated on providing reliable, above-and-beyond experience.

What do our customers say? Watch this short video that profiles a recent stage trailer rental at California State University, Fullerton.

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CSUF Spring Concert

The focal point of California State University, Fullerton’s massive annual Spring Concert event, this Stageline SL320 made a perfect stage (complete with video wall, line array, and lighting) for performances by rapper Aminé and DJ Chris Lorenzo.

Irvine Nights

The community event Irvine Nights takes place monthly at Great Park OC, a massive park in Irvine. Because countless activities take place at the Great Park every day, the ability to quickly and efficiently set up Irvine Nights with a stage trailer make it the best fit for the event.


Our stage for the annual CHOC Gala demonstrates the full power of stage trailers. With three massive video walls, two eight-piece line array systems, and almost 100 lighting fixtures, we loaded the CHOC Gala stage with the same level of gear you’d see at a major music festival.

Riverside County Fair

Maneuverability is an unsung aspect of deploying stage trailers. For the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, we deposited and built up this Stageline SL320 in the middle of an existing amphitheater.

Juneteenth Freedom Celebration

A relatively simple setup, the stage trailer at this Juneteenth Freedom Celebration at Great Park OC nonetheless shows some of the customization options available for these stages. Here, a few well-placed custom banners helped instantly connect guests to the Juneteenth holiday.

Friendship Games

The largest student-run Pilipinx American event in the country, the annual Friendship Games brought Pilipinx students from all over the Western US to one place for a day-long celebration. The stage trailer for this event flew a simple PCE audio package featuring JBL VTX loudspeakers.

All Day ASI at CSUF

Using a stage trailer at this day-long California State University, Fullerton event allowed the organizers to save money on staging and apply those funds to other parts of the show. As a result, the event featured killer lighting and audio packages.

Set the Stage for Your Event

Building a stage for an event takes a considerable amount of time... or, at least, it used to! Stage trailers simply unfold into full-blown stages. Copious rigging points allow for infinite customizability, allowing you to save on the build time and cost of constructing a traditional event stage without compromising one iota on quality. Add all the lights, audio, and video gear you could ever need!

PCE Graduation Stage
PCE Graduation Audio

Strong, Safe, Reliable

Stage trailers massively reduce event set up time, but that doesn't mean any compromises when it comes to strength or safety. Stage trailer manufacturers build their stages in careful compliance with California and federal engineering requirements, and PCE employs stage trailer experts with comprehensive knowledge of every stage's capabilities and limitations. When you rent a stage trailer from PCE, you can rest easy knowing that we will dot every "i" and cross every "t."

Add Audio, Lighting, Video, and More

Using a stage trailer doesn't limit your options when it comes to audio, lighting, and all the other production gear it takes to bring an event to life. Hang line array speakers, mount rows of moving lights, and even deploy crisp, sharp LED video walls. When it comes to fully outfitting a stage trailer, the only limits are your imagination. Talk to us today about the different production packages we offer to enhance your stage trailer rental.

PCE Live Video Camera
PCE Video Wall Technicians

Stage Trailer Model Info

The PCE team has experience with numerous stage trailer makes a models. Primarily, we rely on stage trailers from Stageline and Apex Stages. We've deployed stage trailers of all sizes at our events, from the massive Stageline SAM575 Mobile Stage to the mid-size Apex 3224 and more modest stages. If you'd like to know more about our stage trailer inventory, reach out using the button below!

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