Antari S-600 Yeti Snow Machine

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We make no secret of our admiration for Antari snow machines (click here for a case study on Antari snow machines at King's Island). In fact, we like Antari so much, we teamed up with them to design the brand new S-600 Yeti, the ultimate snow machine for theme parks, malls, and anyone else who wants to cover a large area in fake snow.

Thanks to fan-based snow dispersion, the S-600 Yeti can blast snow up to 75 feet, blowing away the industry's previous 30 foot standard. Customization options give you complete control over the volume and speed of dispersion, making the S-600 Yeti a true do-it-all beast.

In this demo video, PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger offers an explanation of the Yeti before showing off its features and capabilities. If you want to see this bad boy in action, you came to the right place.

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