Apex 3224 Stage Trailer Features

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Watch PCE's new Apex 3224 stage trailer come together for its first-ever show! This video highlights the mobile stage build process while pointing out some of the Apex 3224's key features, including:

• Pickup or Semi-Truck Towed
• 3’10” to 5’6” Adjustable Ground to Deck Height
• Onboard Power Generator
• Hydraulic Stage Deployment
• Side Beams for Line Array Speakers (2,000 lbs. weight capacity)
• Optional Banner Mounts
• Adjustable Deck Legs for Uneven Terrain
• Two Sets of Stairs for Stage Access
• I-Beam Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
• Total Roof Weight Capacity: 13,500 lbs.
• Detachable Side and Rear Safety Rails
• Included Stage Skirting
• 45 Minute to 2 Hour Build Time
• 32’ x 24’ Stage Area
• 16’6” Deck to Roof Height

Click here to learn more about the Apex 3224 Stage Trailer, and click here for another video in which PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger details how the trailer can save your time and money when putting on your next live event. To rent the Apex 3224 stage trailer, fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 866-335-4723.

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