Chauvet Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash Demo

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The Chauvet Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash can cover a massive area, making it perfect for any concert, awards show, gala, or theatrical production. These IP65 rated lights support DMX, ArtNet, and sACN, giving users multiple control options.

So, what's a "BeamWash"? This name refers to the most unique feature of this light: two distinct areas of zoom control. In essence, this allows the light to focus on a fine spot (that's the "beam" part) while keeping the are around the spot illuminated (the "wash" part). This opens up all kinds of creative possibilities (like the McCandless method of adding a warm light onto a cool light to create 3D shadows).

The Chauvet Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash also excels as eye candy. Connect this light to a lighting console, and you get complete pixel mapping or every fixture bulb inside the light. Each bulb can be mapped for dimmer and for RGB color, creating endless possibilities (like lettering or other patterns).

At PCE, we have these lights available for rental or purchase, so if you're interested, give us a call!

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