PCE Graduations

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This supercut of 2022 PCE graduations features footage from Cerritos College, Huntington Beach High School, University of California Riverside, and Los Angeles Southwest College. This "video catalog" showcases some of our most utilized graduation offerings.

Graduations represent massive life moments for those involved, and the right production technology allows friends and family to better share the experience. Audio lets an entire stadium track the proceedings, and PCE has a lot of experience setting up powered speakers and line array speakers to fill a football stadium, arena, or auditorium.

Video projection and video walls mean no one in attendance will miss their loved one's big moment. You can even take things a step further with live streaming! Broadcast the ceremony to anyone who can't attend in person.

And, of course, every graduation needs a stage. We can build stages of any size, and rig special lighting, banners, audio, and anything else the ceremony requires.

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