Hollyland Wireless Comms System

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PCE has created several Hollyland wireless comms packages to help production crews stay connected with each other during events. These eight-channel kits have everything needed in one convenient box: the antennae box, belt packs, headsets, cabling, charger, and even extra batteries. The whole thing works right out of the box, no deep technical skills/knowledge required.

To use the system, teams simply need to deploy the omni-directional antennae in a central location (the antennae can be mounted on truss, c-stands, tripods, or any other similar support) and decide how to divide up the headsets. All headsets can go into a single party chat, or be assigned to different channels (to keep an audio and video crew separate, for example). Robust construction, intuitive push-to-talk controls, and eight hours of talk-time battery life make the Hollyland wireless comms system perfect for events of all sizes.

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