Introducing PCE San Diego

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We're incredibly proud to announce the official opening of our brand new office in San Diego! Located at 9677 Distribution Ave, our San Diego facilities give customers in San Diego and Imperial counties easier access to the same quality equipment and services they've come to associate with PCE.

What does this mean for you? First, you can now find the wide selection of retail items and rental gear available at our Huntington Beach headquarters at our San Diego office. Our new, convenient physical proximity to the San Diego region will mean reduced pickup time and reduced shipping fees for deliveries.

Second, we will now have much more power and flexibility when it comes to producing events in the San Diego area. Swapping out items or making last minute additions to a show will be easy and painless.

Ready to see what PCE San Diego has to offer? Join PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger for a guided video walkthrough of our new facilities!

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