LA Times Festival of Books

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While PCE can handle every aspect of an event, sometimes we're only asked to deliver one or two. That's totally fine! At the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, we focused on staging and video, supporting book readings, presentations, interviews, and musical performances across almost a dozen key locations. We regularly get a chance to support musicians and stage performers, but working in service of some of our favorite authors was a welcome change of pace for the PCE team.

If you walked through USC campus during the LA Times Festival of Books, you would have seen PCE Steeldeck, rigging, and Absen video walls at the entrance arches, USC Stage, USC Friends and Neighbors Stage, Poetry Stage, Children's Stage, LA Times En Español Stage, LA Times Main Stage, and YA Stage. Building all of these stages gave us quite the workout, but one we'll gladly embrace anytime, anywhere.

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