Night at the Fights

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There are good looking events, and then there's Night at the Fights. This spectacular event (a corporate party from NAIOP SoCal) consisted of a cocktail hour, black tie dinner, and a series of post-meal boxing matches (all flavored with a bit of a Star Wars theme).

Night at the Fights once again brought PCE back to the OC Fairgrounds. We transformed the Hangar there in anticipation of the big match. We hung truss bars above the ring with lights that served to add ambience to the party, liven up fighter entrances, and to provide lighting for the contests themselves. In addition, we placed lights throughout the venue (mostly along the walls) to enhance the overall vibe of the evening.

But that's not all! In the video you'll see PCE production at a few other areas: the outdoor cocktail hour, and a designated space for cigar breaks.

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