OC Fair 2022

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PCE has a long and ever-expanding partnership with the OC Fair. In 2022, we provided staging, rigging, lighting, audio, video, and more across eight key areas.

At the Promenade and Plaza Stages, PCE supplied audio, lighting, and rigging for numerous musicians, bands, and other performers during the fair's month-long run.

PCE illuminated the path to the Heroes Hall museum with a vibrantly lit truss structure.

The indoor Baja Bar Stage featured some simple PCE lighting and audio.

PCE hung QSC K10.2 speakers and provided microphones for various livestock areas.

At the action sports arena, PCE provided audio support for numerous events, including the demolition derby depicted in this video.

And, finally, at the Hangar Stage, PCE ran the video. Our Panasonic cameras and Blackmagic video switcher bounced the signal for all the Hangar Stage concerts to two massive LED walls we built outside the building. In between shows, these same screens displayed pertinent fair info.

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