PCE Integration: San Clemente Presbyterian Church

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The PCE San Diego team upgraded the audio system at San Clemente Presbyterian Church, permanently improving the auditory experience for the church's parishioners. PCE removed the church's old point source speakers and replaced them with a brand new L-Acoustics line array. Line array speakers excel at distributing audio to a large area, giving listeners throughout that area the same audio experience, regardless of where they're standing/sitting.

In addition to the L-Acoustics line array, the PCE audio integration also included a new audio rack, general rewiring, and the installation of a new digital Allen & Heath audio console. After implementing all the new gear, the PCE team trained San Clemente Presbyterian Church's technical personnel so that they could hit the running with their new system.

In this video, PCE Senior Account Executive Christian Canter provides a brief overview of the entire integration process.

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