PCE Production: Night of Lights OC

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PCE can operate events on any scale, even one that stretches (literally) for miles! Originally conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic (and since replaced by Winter Fest OC), Night of Lights was a mile-long drive through experience we coproduced with PSQ Productions.

Night of Lights took place at the OC Fairgrounds, and consisted of a series of holiday-themed areas of interest (like a giant Christmas tree and Santa's house) along a winding path lined with lights. We augmented millions of traditional Christmas lights with theatrical lights (moving heads, pars, LEKOs, etc.) to create an unforgettable, dynamic look.

We created several short-range radio stations that guests could tune into during their drive. This let them enjoy audio synced to the lighting display.

For this project, we had to choose IP-rated equipment that could hold up for the duration of the holiday season, and stay ready to troubleshoot any issues and replace any malfunctioning equipment. Night of Lights required a lot of time, energy, and attention to detail, but holiday events like this one will always hold a special place in our hearts. At PCE, we don't mind going the extra mile to create a little holiday magic.

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