PCE Production: Puppet Up! Uncensored

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Step behind the scenes of Puppet Up! Uncensored at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, California. This live puppet improv show from Henson Alternative makes use of some advanced PCE video technology (to say nothing of the lighting and audio we provided).

Lead PCE video technician Bishop Rhone provides a comprehensive rundown of the video gear and video skills it takes to bring Puppet Up! to life. During Puppet Up!, performers play for a live audience, but they also play to camera. This allows us to pull off a few tricks. First, strip lighting and gobos on a cyc wall create varied and dynamic backdrops for the action. But those same lights can be set to blue to create a giant bluescreen. This allows for live keying and even a live cloning effect. This keeps the show visually interesting and the audience engaged.

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