PCE Rental: Antari Snow Machines at King's Island

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Every year, PCE ships out hundreds of snow machines to theme parks throughout the country. Many of these end up at King's Island, a theme park just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. King's Island Entertainment Technical Production Manager Robert Armour has had a great experience renting from PCE. According to Armour, "PCE understands our industry and understands the business."

King's Island primarily utilizes Antari S-500 and S-500XL snow machines. These machines blast snow every 45 minutes, and at certain special points during the park's programming (e.g. to coincide with certain outdoor shows). The machines can be easily concealed and controlled, allowing them to remain in place for the entire winter season. The snow fluid dissipates before it hits the ground, meaning that the park surface never gets slippery. Antari snow is also biodegradable, so even "snow" that drifts further afield won't impact the business of the park's many food vendors.

Antari USA General Manager Ray Villasenor echoes Armour's praise of PCE. "The team at PCE puts a large emphasis on customer support and providing customers with a product that is going to be reliable and robust. I've seen everyone from their warehouse team to their sales team to their marketing team excel at everything they do."

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