San Diego Football Club Chrome Ball Tour

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The San Diego Football Club (SDFC) will bring professional MLS soccer to San Diego in 2025. In anticipation of the team's debut, SDFC has planned a series of events to celebrate and raise awareness, including the Chrome Ball Tour in May 2024. Essentially a big block party, the Chrome Ball Tour featured food trucks, live music, art, soccer games, pro wrestling, and much, much more.

This event also marked a significant milestone for PCE: the debut of our brand new Apex 2424 stage trailer! The Apex 2424 boasts all the same capabilities as the Apex 3224 (which has seen service at numerous PCE events), it just features a 24'x24' stage surface (as opposed to the 32'x24' surface of the Apex 3224). This offers plenty of room for most events. In fact, in this event video, you can see the stage play host to a nine member mariachi band!

Of course, PCE production for the Chrome Ball Tour didn't begin and end with the stage. We also provided lighting, audio, rigging, and power. The audio system included numerous JBL products: JBL VT4888 line array speakers, JBL VT4880 subwoofers, and JBL SRX712M stage monitors. A PCE audio engineer controlled the action (which included numerous bands and DJs) from behind an Allen & Heath SQ7 audio console.

The lighting package consisted of numerous Chauvet Rogue Outcast 2X Wash fixtures, as well as Chauvet Ovation B-2805FC strip lights (these strip lights were positioned out of a Steeldeck thrust that extended the stage). A PCE lighting designer ran the show via a High End Systems Road Hog 4 lighting console.

Finally, PCE Backline got in on the action with some DJ gear: a Pioneer DJM-900NXS flanked by a pair of Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2s.

PCE was super excited to help bring this event to the future fans of the SDFC, and we can't wait for the team to begin a long run in San Diego!

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