SOKA University Peace Festival

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Every year, SOKA University throws a big Peace Festival in the hear of their pristine campus. The festival is exactly what it sounds like: a fun event that promotes global and local peace efforts. The shindig includes food, music, games, speakers, plays, and more!

PCE built the mainstage and provided additional production for the 2024 iteration of this event. We deployed our Apex 3224 stage trailer (maneuvering it into a tight strip of land in the middle of campus) at the event, where it played host to numerous bands, DJs, and other performers.

For lighting, we used Chauvet Rogue Outcast 2X Wash and Martin MAC Allure Profiles fixtures, with an ETC Road Hog 4 lighting console at front of house.

The event required a lot of different audio gear. We used L-Acoustic Kara line array speakers and RCF Dual 18" subwoofers to deliver audio to the audience, while the artists relied on QSC K10.2 stage monitors and Shure PSM1000 in ear monitors. Shure Axient wireless mics allowed musicians and speakers freedom of movement on stage, and our team controlled the action with Yamaha DM7 audio consoles (at both front of house and for monitors).

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