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PCE parties with The Beach Boys! (December 2022 Newsletter)

December 7, 2022

PCE picks up good vibrations with The Beach Boys at UCR Homecoming 2022!

PCE Stage for Beach Boys Concert
PCE staging, rigging, lighting, audio, video, and backline for The Beach Boys performance at UCR Homecoming.
The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys
Mike Love
The Beach Boys cofounder/vocalist Mike Love
PCE Guitars at Beach Boys Concert

From Hawthorne, California, it's The Beach Boys! In November, the University of California, Riverside called on PCE to help produce their annual homecoming event. The proceedings included a car show, food trucks, a Ferris wheel, and, of course, the headlining Beach Boys concert. We had the immense pleasure of transforming the UCR campus with staging, rigging, audio, video, lighting, power, and backline for the event.

PCE relishes any chance to work with a legendary band like The Beach Boys, especially when it comes to backline support. Seeing the greats play their iconic songs on PCE guitars, keys, and drums was a real thrill!

Want to see more? Watch this short video showcasing our production at UCR Homecoming 2022:

Chauvet Maverick Storm 1 Spot

Chauvet Maverick Storm 1 Spot

Who says moving lights can't get a little wet? Or, in the case of the Chauvet Maverick Storm 1 Spot, a lot wet? We just got these IP65 LED moving lights, and we're ready to start sending them out into the world! The Maverick Storm comes with all the features you'd want in a modern moving light (14,500 lumen output, DMX control, CMY + CTO color mixing, massive zoom range) and puts it in a package that can withstand the elements. If you need a tough, reliable, resilient fixture that you can put outside and count on to (literally) weather the storm, choose the Chauvet Maverick Storm 1 Spot.

See it in action!
Check out Chauvet's short video on the Maverick Storm's epic resilience.

Luminex GigaCore 16RFO

Luminex GigaCore 16RFO

The Luminex GigaCore 16RFO is a pre-configured ethernet switch designed for touring and live events. The 2RU unit comes with all the advanced functionality users have come to expect from GigaCore ethernet switches, in a touring-oriented package. Assign all your lighting, audio and video protocols to different color groups and send them over the same network. The GigaCore 16RFO takes care of the rest, ensuring every device receives the right signal. A full backup power supply makes this product the ideal companion for a stress free tour!

PCE Backline Guitars

Browse our guitar catalog!

The PCE Backline catalog contains a mammoth selection of guitars, drums, keyboards, and other musical instruments. Because each piece is somewhat unique (especially our vintage models), we've begun the long process of photographing and building a browsable online database for our backline inventory. We recently finished cataloging our guitars, a collection that includes electrics, acoustics, 12-strings, vintage pieces, and even a banjo. Click the image above to poke around and secure a guitar for your next show, tour, or recording session!

PCE Team Spotlight: Michael Jackson

PCE Team Spotlight: Michael Jackson

If you follow this newsletter, you know PCE has started to expand into the backline business and has added more concerts and tours to its regular repertoire of events. Because we see this trend continuing, we brought in a new sales pro to take charge of all things touring. Say hello to our official Account Executive for Touring: Michael Jackson.

Michael has worked in touring since the early 90's, serving as tour manager for acts like Marcy Playground and Cage the Elephant. He also has hands-on experience as an audio engineer and production manager. This diverse and impressive background make Michael the perfect person to connect with tour managers and producers to supply them the gear they need for long stretches on the road.

If you have a tour in the works, you can reach out to Michael at [email protected], or by phone at 714-464-2105.

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