Warehouse and Production Technician

San Diego
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Full Time, OT Expected
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PCE, a live events production company, is looking for a Warehouse and Production Technician to support our company in our brand-new office in San Diego, CA. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to grow who takes pride in their work. PCE focuses on offering a remarkable client experience through customer service and industry expertise. At PCE, it doesn't matter what it is, if the client can dream it, we can do it! PCE thrives on challenges beyond the norm and prides itself on promoting a gratifying workplace in this fast-paced, always-changing industry. Business hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am-6:00 pm.
This role will report directly to the operations management, performing wide-ranging tasks in a fast-paced environment. Work will take place in the office, and at local job sites. The primary objective of this role will be to accurately scan inbound and outbound orders through ERP software as well as deliver and set up equipment as required. Other duties will be inventory maintenance, shop organization, and occasional equipment operation.

• Test and maintain PCE rental inventory equipment.
• Prep and down prep show pulls.
• Truck loading of inbound and outbound deliveries.
• Maintain a clean and orderly work environment.
• Repair broken equipment and identify items needing more in-depth repairs.
• Interfacing with sales, site production managers, warehouse supervisors, and company Ops staff.
• Must be looking for cost savings through efficiencies with equipment, trucking, and time management.
• Assists logistics manager with trucking logistics daily for both inbound and outbound orders.
• Will be involved in missing, lost, and damaged equipment processes.


• Work offsite at customer locations to set up, run and strike small shows.
• Operation of technical equipment.
• Interfacing with other employees and customers.
• Loading and unloading equipment from trucks.
• Ability to set up, configure, and operate various technical systems.


Applicant must have experience in the Live Event Production market, preferably with a Production Company (or equivalent) in operations or technical roles. Only applications meeting these criteria will be considered.
• Must be able to lift and carry at least 75lbs.
• Must have good vision especially depth perception.
• Must be well versed in all aspects of production (audio, video, lighting, staging).
• Strong time management and estimation abilities.
• Computer proficient, experience with MS Office (Excel), FLEX Rental Solutions a plus.
• Good driving record.
• Punctuality.
• Attention to detail and correct documentation.
• Exceptional sense of priority; Strong organizational skills; Customer oriented service; Tact; Professionalism; Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.
• Strong English language verbal and written communication skills.
• Pride in work.
• Ability to identify areas for improvement and develop recommendations.
• Applicant must desire longevity and growth within this role.


PCE is an equal opportunity employer. PCE offers a range of employer-sponsored health coverage, including medical, dental, vision, and chiropractic packages, as well as vacation allowances, for all full-time employees. The Qualified Candidate will be subject to drug screening and live scan upon hire and on a random basis thereafter.

Resume accepted via email ONLY. Please send your resume to [email protected] with the subject line "Warehouse and Production Technician".